Thursday, September 20, 2007

Day 10

Welcome to our "Crazy House"!

Lincoln Timothy was born on Sept. 10, and is now 10 days old (Hence "Day 10" of Crazy House).

Braden (5) and Jena (3) are very excited to have a new baby brother. They just can't hold him and kiss him enough. Jena is quite the Mommy and cannot keep her hands off of him!

Asia (14 mo) does not know whether to hit him or hug him most of the time. She does know that Mommy doesn't pick her up as much as she used to.
I am just getting started, so there is alot more that I want to put in the blog. That will have to wait for another night.


Wen said...

Hi Guys!
This is so fun, I'm glad you are doing this so we can keep up with you guys better! We miss you all, but are glad to hear that you are all doing better! Think about you guys often and love ya!

Grandma W said...

This is great. I love all of you. Post a picture of the whole gang. You need a dog, a cat and a hampster to complete the chaos.

Wen said...

Hi, Crazy house! I think that you learned some of this from your parents. But oh the fun that will come too. I hope that Gma and GGma arrived well. I will call in a little while. Love you all,
Dad H.