Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fall Has Arrived

So last Saturday, it was 85 deg, and we could have gone to the beach. Today, it's 30 degrees cooler and we are definitely in the "Autumn" mindset. After a cold, rainy week, it was nice to have some sunshine today. We went to an orchard hoping to pick apples, but it wasn't that kind of place, I guess. Oh, well, we still had fun picking out some nice pumpkins. Our neighbors threw an early Halloween party, so the kids got to take their costumes for a test drive. Pretty cute, if I do say so.

Picking our pumpkins for Halloween

I like this one!

Halloween Preview: Party at the neighbors.
Braden doesn't know why I call him "Jr."
Hayrides are always fun, even if they are
pulled by a lawn tractor in the front yard!
Happy Fall!