Sunday, September 23, 2007

Day 14

We can't believe Lincoln is 2 weeks old already! So much happened during the first week that made it seem like it was only a day. Just to recap, for anyone who didn't hear the story: Cathy had a doctor's appointment on Thursday, 9/6 and found out that Lincoln was breech and that she would probably need a C-Section. Friday we had an ultrasound, and Monday, 9/10, was a follow-up appointment. The doctor scheduled the C-Section for Tuesday, 9/18. The rest is kind of a blur. Cathy's water broke later the same day, requiring another trip to the doctor. The doctor said the baby had to come out right away! The kids went home with a church friend, Cathy called me at 4:00 and said "Meet me at the hospital!" By 5:30 she was in surgery, and at 6:00, Lincoln Timothy was born, on his big brother Braden's birthday. We came home on Thursday to a well taken-care-of home and kids, thanks to Cathy's sister Becky and Tim's sister in-law Wendy and Grandma Foster.

On Friday morning, we noticed that Lincoln seemed a little warm, so we grabbed the good ol' tailpipe thermometer. 100.4 deg. A little worried at this point, but maybe it will go down on its own. At 8:00, we checked again. 100.9 deg this time. Maybe we should call the doctor's office. After 40 minutes of after-hours run-around, the doctor told us to take him to the ER. Great. Another church friend came over to house-sit while we headed in for what we thought would be a few hours of check-over. 3 days later, he was able to come home! During that time, he had IV's, 3 antibiotics, chest x-ray, urine and blood tests, and a spinal tap! Lincoln took all the poking and prodding like a champ, probably not understanding why his sleep was being so rudely interrupted. Here is what he looked like in the hopsital with IV and wires attached. Poor guy!

It has been a good week since then. God has blessed us with another healthy, beautiful baby, and we know that many babies go through much worse trials when they enter the world. He has been sleeping pretty well at night for the most part, except for a couple of feedings. Today being Lincoln's first Sunday at church has been show-off day. It is always fun to have the newest little one, but it doesn't last very long at our church (there is already a new baby born on 9/17!)

We will leave you with a parting shot of our little guy. We hope and pray that our friends and family are well and worshipping our awesome God today!

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Holly said...

Great idea to have a blog, you guys! Lincoln is adorable, we can't wait to meet him! Glad to hear you are all healthy now, too. We'll be praying for your sanity :)

Love to you all SIX of you!
Holly (and Joel)